About ARCA

The No.1 Medical Detox Addiction Rehab Centre

At Arca’s Addiction Rehab Centre, we understand what you are going through. Your life is spinning out of control. You are scared, and you are tired. But you are not alone.

Arca’s Addiction Rehab Centre treatment has helped hundreds of people get on the road to recovery and stay there by going beyond the 12-step programs that are available. Arca’s Addiction Rehab Centre offers the latest medications to minimize withdrawal symptoms and control cravings. This combined with expert counseling and cognitive behavioral therapy, this is by far, the most effective treatment approach for alcoholism and drug dependence available today in South Africa.

Arca’s Addiction Rehab Centre treats alcoholism and all drug addictions in South Africa through our unique detox medical treatment. Arca’s Addiction Rehab Centre’s approach draws on a rich integration of clinical practice, theory and research, providing respectful personal support to address a wide range of addictions.

The ARCA treatment model came about when a gap was noticed in the approach to addiction treatment methods in South Africa.

After you finish the initial detoxification, you enter our psycho-social program where our trained social workers and psychologists will counsel you to identify trigger factors, discuss coping strategies and work on planning for your substance-free future.

ARCA offers people suffering from addiction a practical and sustainable path to recovery, and the opportunity to restore one’s life to one of happiness, satisfaction and quality. Of course, this requires motivation and effort, but the unique combination of medication, therapy and a truly caring environment makes this a lot easier. The ARCA experience can truly transform your life!

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Many patients have reported being to rehab several times with no success. We realized that to achieve success, we would have to start from the bottom and work our way up. We began by viewing addiction as a medical disease. And to treat a medical disease, you would go to a doctor. Our doctors begin by performing a medical detoxification which cleanses your body of all alcohol and drugs. This removes the traditional 7-10 day natural withdrawal, which is a major concern for most patients, as they fear the mental and physical symptoms of withdrawal.

Success Story

Just a quick “Thank You!!” shout-out to all in the ARCA group, with obvious special thanks to Dr Naidoo.


Today I have been sober exactly a year, having being admitted to the ARCA Durban clinic on the 22nd November 2013 (with a belly full of booze, thus my anniversary date begins on the 23rd). This is the longest I have been sober since starting to drink at about 16 years old!! (Even enforced sobriety during Military Service did not last this long!). I hope that at some stage my addiction will become a non-event but in the mean-time, I shall celebrate with a glass of juice and my daily ARCA Detox medication tablet!!

Please keep sending me news of upcoming JHB meets…… I know I have not been for many months but the knowledge that I’m still on your database and that counselling and group is available is always re-assuring.

Again, many thanks!! RD